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About Ray Simonetti

I have been working on stringed instruments for almost 30 years. Starting out with repairs and mods to my own instruments, it wasn't long before friends started asking me to work on their instruments. I
started my career as an artist, working in various jobs as a sculptor, a woodworker and a model maker. I have been VERY fortunate to have not only had some amazing jobs but also work with some
incredibly talented people who passed on skills to me, teaching me the tricks of many trades.

I have always been fascinated by how things are made and from a young age knew I would be working with my hands. It was when I built my first bass, though, that I knew I didn't just want to work with
my hands no matter what the job but I wanted to be a full time bass luthier. I specialize in basses because I am a bass player, it is the instrument I know best. However,  I will build anything stringed that
you can think of no matter how crazy it may seem. It was in 2000 that I finally got the opportunity to open up shop. For information on a used Simonetti in a music or pawn shop that you are considering
or for information on a custom bass or pickups feel free to contact me

About Jason Beard

Jason Beard is a long time bass player and sales guru. He came on as my local rep for Houston and has expanded to handle sales from anywhere for Simonetti Basses. He is easy going and loves to
talk about basses and everything related to them. He has a good knowledge of woodworking and understands the needs and lingo of todays bass players. He has a stock of inventory basses to try out
and can be found playing out with The Steve Satchel band locally. If you want to make an appointment to meet with Jason and tryout one of his Simonetti Basses give him a call (713) 516-6996 or
email him