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The following is a brief overview of how Simonetti basses are made. I am a one man shop doing all phases of construction in a small but efficient space. Please note that this is not a total summary of
the process, just some shots to show you how it's done.
Left: Necks start as surfaced planks
and are then cut into strips for
laminating into neck billets. All outer
laminates are bookmatched from the
same board for stability and color
Right: Necks in various
stages of construction
Gluing a fingerboard to
the neck blank
Neck Blank before and after
the truss rods and head
angle are done
Left: A vacuum bag
comes in handy for
Right: Hand carving
a custom body
design before gluing
the wings to the neck
Initial round over of the
neck is done on the pin
router leaving plenty of
hand work to be done but
giving me a consistent
starting point
This plate jointing
jig gives me a
perfect glue up
every time.