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    Top: Exhibit grade Figured Redwood

    Back: Purpleheart

    Neck: Wenge/ Bocote/ Purpleheart
             with reverse lam head and heel

    Fretboard: Bocote

    Pickup covers: Custom design Bocote over Wenge

    Bridge: Custom design Wenge

    Knobs: match pickup covers

    Heel bock/ Volute accent: Purpleheart/ Maple
are such a thrill to play, every time I grab either of them. Curses
because every bass I play from here on out will unfairly be held to
their standard...and...well...neither Charlize Theron nor Salma Hayek
have identical twins. \m/ :-P \m/"
Reggie Grayson

You can hear Reggie playing live in Bellicose here.