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The very heart and soul of Simonetti Basses is the custom shop. When commissioning a custom bass from Simonetti Basses you don't chose from a list of options to make a
Simonetti bass more personal. It is a true custom. Your design, Your specs, YOUR bass.

I understand that ordering a custom bass can be a bit intimidating, after all, there are a lot of decisions to be made when designing a bass from scratch. That is why I work one on
one with you to help you chose the features and details that will help you design an instrument that fits all of your requirements and desires.

Fair Warning:
Making instruments is both science and art, especially when it comes to bespoke instruments. The process from design to construction to fruition can be long depending on how
complex the instrument is. Obviously the more complex an instrument is the longer it will take. Other factors, such as wood selection, string count and custom components can
also take significant time to acquire.

One of a kind instruments can also get very expensive. Please bear in mind that high quality features carry a high quality price tag.

The galleries below feature examples of custom commissions. Though I can do similar features, I would not do and exact copy as these are the customers own designs. They all
feature Simonetti bridges and pickups though I can use any after market brands available that you prefer.

For information and/ or a price quote feel free to contact me via phone (281) 683-2650 Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
or via email
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