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I also offer a shorter/ wider coiled pickup
wound for more low end output. It's also
a little more powerful than my standard
coils. These are becoming very popular.
My standard pickups for the longest time were a steel bar over ceramic magnets with a coil height and width between a J-style and a P-style. The feedback I get from players is overwhelmingly positive.
I now also offer pole piece or bar over neodymium magnets in the same coil size and the response is also very positive. The main difference between bar and pole piece magnets is that a bar
produces a more even note as it goes under all of the strings with one continuous magnetic field, this puts the focus on the fundamental and gives better sustain with a smoother decay. Pole piece
pickups focus more on the attack of the note and tend to sound more aggressive when played hard. A taller, skinnier coil (J-style) will also tend to be brighter that a shorter, wider (P-style) which tend
to have more low end sound. My standard coil size is in between but I also offer short and tall coils.
Various sizes and styles of pickup options: Standard coil, fat coil and
exposed pole piece
Pole piece pickups give a focus more on the attack than the
fundamental giving a classic vibe to the tone