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Custom 11

Purpleheart dominates the face of this bass. The full 3/4" string spacing
makes this the widest neck I've ever built (and I've built a lot of necks!)
The Purpleheart pickup cover houses two split coil humbuckers and is
big enough to have the Simonetti logo inlaid into it in Tiger Maple.
Being such a wide neck I did signature edge dots on both the bass and
treble side of the fingerboard. While the front is a sea of Purpleheart
the back is a sea of Mahogany. The neck is a four piece laminate of
Mahogany with Mahogany wings. The bridge for this one is not my usual
bridge. The customer and I decided on a simple Purpleheart bridge in
an acoustic-ish/ upright-ish fashion and it really adds a nice aesthetic
touch. The electronics are passive master volume/ pickup blend/ and
tone with a top jack. Gold Gotoh tuners and Dunlop strap locks keep
this 11 string wonder
in tune and securely in place.

A bass with Similar specs and features would be in the $18,000.00 price