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The Standard, as the name implies carries the most common features asked for.
Features specific to The Standard are as follow:
4 string
5 string
6 string
Prices include FedEx ground shipping to the continental U.S. International inquiries
please provide a zip/ postal code for a shipping quote
5 piece neck
Bookmatched top/ visible neck through
Solid back "wings"
Passive electronics
Master volume, pickup blend, tone, top jack
Chrome or black hardware:
Gotoh GB-7 tuners, Schaller strap locks, knurled knobs
Protec Contego hybrid case
Top selection
Tiger or Quilted Maple, Purpleheart, Wenge, Lacewood or Zebra
Fingerboard selection
Wenge, Purpleheart, Bubinga or Bloodwood
Back selection
Ash, African Mahogany, Black Walnut, Cherry or Padouk
Neck selection
Maple with Wenge or Purpleheart stringers

African Mahogany with Black Walnut or Tiger Maple stringers

Ash with Wenge stringers

Black Walnut with Mahogany or Tiger Maple stringers

Padouk with Wenge stringers
All woods subject to availability
Wood Selection
A very customized 6 string in the
Contego case
Custom Options for The Standard
Invisible (blind) neck through top (* double cost with back option)
$ 300.00
7 Piece neck
$ 100.00
5A top wood                                                                      Starts @
$ 250.00
Exhibit grade top wood                                                      Starts @
$ 500.00
Hipshot Ultralight tuners
$ 100.00
Aguilar OBP-3 active preamp with bypass and passive tone
Audere Audio Z-mode configurable active preamp            Starts @
$ 275.00
Screwless control cover plate
$ 50.00
TKL deluxe end bound hard case
Alternate woods from standard selection
Bookmatched back (same wood as top)
Design Option 1
Design Option 2