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This warranty is a guarantee of full consumer protection against all defects in workmanship or materials to the original purchaser of this Simonetti Bass. The duration of this
warranty, as stated above is two years from the date of receiving your bass.

From that date forward, Simonetti Basses extends this warranty to the body and neck and any Simonetti Components for an additional five years. Active pickups and/ or electronics
are not included in this extended warranty. Wood deterioration on oil finishes due to excessive sweat and improper care is not controllable by Simonetti Basses, is also not
included in this extended warranty.

Full warranty and repair service is offered at my shop, and I work on all issues on Simonetti or Simonetti Custom Shop Basses for the life of the instrument. Repair rates in my shop
are below industry standard as a service to my instrument owners.

Normal wear and tear, exposure to extremes of humidity or temperature accidental damage or abuse is not covered in this warranty and is evaluated by Simonetti Basses.
Unauthorized repair work or modifications also voids this warranty. Simonetti Basses will not assume consequential damages or subsequent financial loss. Shipping to and from
Simonetti Basses is the sole responsibility of the customer.

This Warranty does not cover the following:

Basses that have been altered or modified by anyone but Simonetti Basses

Basses that have had the serial number or Warranty card altered in any way

Basses that have been mishandled or exposed to extremes of climate (ie; heat, cold, humidity, sun, etc.)

Over tightening of screws causing wood parts to crack or break

Worn finish or chipping on hardware plating or  the instruments finish during the warranty period due to improper care or abuse.

The subjective issue of tone

Warranty repair or replacement is decided by Simonetti Basses only.

This warranty supersedes all previous guarantees expressed or implied.